A Marketing Platform that Drives Action

Influencer Marketing made simple

VidFall mixes Influencer Marketing and Live-Stream Video to create
a powerful marketing platform that drives ROI
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VidFall helped us line up the perfect influencer for our campaign and they knew exactly how to get the ROI we needed. Since the VidFall platform is built to drive action, our campaign drove actual sales, not just impressions!
Elizabeth Cloyd
Director of Business Development, TeePublic

Why VidFall Converts

VidFall leverages anticipation, excitement, and trust to help brands engage audiences and drive specific actions. Anticipation triggers social sharing and virality, excitement keeps the audience engaged, and the trust of your brand's social influencer drives the audience to take action.

Benefits for Brands

Acquire Customers:
Acquire new, highly-targeted and highly-qualified customers.
Drive Purchases:
Drive customers to purchase your products right during the live-stream.
Engage & Captivate:
Engage an audience and tell your brand's story like never before.
Launch Your Brand:
Launch your brand or campaign with an exciting event that moves the audience to act.

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